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  • Must have medical, emergency evacuation, and repatriation insurance.

  • Going off course to resupply/mechanical you must return to the point of departure from the route to restart their ride.

  • No hotel/motel/campsite bookings prior to the race start

  • No drafting - 50 foot rule (non triathlon standard)

  • Obey all traffic laws

  • Must use front and rear lights during darkness hours

  • 2 rear lights and 2 front lights are required 

  • Mandatory mirror - either helmet/glasses/handle bar end

  • Must wear your helmet at all times while riding

  • Must have reflective tape on all sides of your bike and helmet

  • Any service utilized must be available to all riders

  • No mailing supplies or equipment ahead on route.

  • You are responsible for finding food, water, lodging, bike services and anything else you may need along the way.

  • Trackers must be obtained either with Trackleaders or your own and must be activated during the entire race.

  • Identification, stating your name, emergency contact and their phone number on both your bike and wrist or dog tag- suggest Real iD or the equivalent

  • Civilized conduct at all times 

  • Riders must display "significant reflective material" on their front and back of their torsos from sunset to sunrise using a vest, sash, or the equivelant.

  • Wear High visibility clothing - I can not stress the safety factors we need to take

  • We are not race officials nor do we want to be. Unless it is blatant that a rule was broken and an advantage was gained, we are on the honor system. We will investigate tracking if needed or requested.


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