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  • I will act in good faith as an ambassador as a cyclist, for the Pacific Coast Bike Races, Get Some Cycling, and the Pacific Coast Bike Route. The self-supported philosophy is fundamentally based on a code of mutual respect, ethical conduct and self-enforcement.

  • Each participant must have medical, emergency evacuation, and repatriation insurance for the duration of the race.  I understand it is my responsibility to purchase insurance that covers personal injury and accidental death and dismemberment specifically covering non-professional bike racing.

  • You must have identification, stating your name, emergency contact and their contact information on your bike and preferably wrist or dog tag on your person.

  • If participants have issues that are not resolved by Rule Number 1, they will contact the race directors at and or via text at 360-790-7845. Unless it is blatant that a rule was broken and an advantage was gained, we are on the honor system. We will investigate tracking if needed or requested.

  • Trackers must be obtained either with Trackleaders or personally owned and must be activated during the entire race.

  • You are responsible for finding food, water, lodging, bike services and anything else you may need along the way.

  • Any service utilized must be available to all riders.

  • If going off course to resupply, fix mechanical issues, or for lodging you must return to the point of departure from the route to restart the ride.

  • Safety gear is mandatory. A helmet must be worn at all times during the Pacific Coast Bike Races. Reflective tape must be present on all sides of your bike and helmet. Wear high visibility clothing and display significant reflective material on the front and back of your torso from sunset to sunrise using a vest, sash, or equivalent. You must use front and rear lights during dark hours. You are required to carry two (2) front lights and two (2) back lights so a back up is always available. A mirror is mandatory on either your helmet, glasses or handle bar end.

  • You must obey traffic laws at all times.

  • Lodging cannot be booked prior to the race start.

  • No drafting - 50 foot rule (non triathlon standard).

  • I agree to unlimited usage of my image for any ride media.

  • I will seek Get Some Cycling’s expressed authorization before utilizing any proprietary logos in any goods for sale in any fashion.

  • I understand that the ride may need to be rescheduled if unforeseen circumstances or restrictions are put into place.

  • I agree to abide by all decisions by Get Some Cycling and Pacific Coast Bike Races in the management and execution of the ride/race. I understand that I can be ejected from this event if I’m found to be in breach of these rules as outlined. Decision made by Get Some Cycling and the Pacific Coast Bike Races will be final.

  • I agree to read these rules and waiver, sign the acknowledgement that I have done so, and return the signed waiver prior to or at the pre-race meeting.

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